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We previously talked about the Kousei Plays Mod to enable that radar-based map feature in mobile legends. Now if you are not quite right, you can make use of this mod’s APK which is the WPA Modz Apk. The WPA mode app comes with features of high quality to assist you to improve your skills as a hero within the game. What are the benefits? How do you install it? Learn more about it below.

Mobile Legends is a cult MOBA game created by Moonton. There’s currently an exciting event happening that makes players more excited about playing the game. It’s not just that, but due to the introduction of numerous new skins, of all kinds and styles, players are keen on changing their heroes to an improved appearance and appearance than they did before. Not just skins and events regularly released, however, the security system of the game is constantly upgraded. Similar to mobile legends games terms are created by certain players using techniques like drone views, radar maps unlocking all skins, and many more.

What is Wpa Modz Apk?

Wpa Modz Apk mod program for third-party applications developed by WPA modders to allow players are able to cheat. The application exploits loopholes or bugs that exist within the game. Its capabilities include radar maps that allow you to view the enemies on the miniature map.

Drone view that expands the game’s screen and unlocks all skins in order to unlock all the paid hero skins at no cost Spam chat to automatically chat in large amounts as well as lag enemy players so that enemies slow down as well as many others. They are all free and without the need to purchase an account.

Is this application secure to use? It is not, since Moonton strictly restricts all app which is intended to alter the rules of the game. However, there are still a lot of players who play it and it’s still secure and safe. A similar application is Andika Modz is the best ML tool free of cost.

Latest Features of Wpa Modz ML APK:

The WPA ML Modz application provides these features such as.

  • ESP Features
  • ESP Draw Line
  • ESP Draw Box
  • ESP Draw Health
  • ESP Draw Player Name
  • ESP Draw Hero Name
  • ESP Show Cooldown
  • ESP Dot & Locator
  • ESP Line Distance
  • Featured Camera Height
  • Drone View (Lobby)
  • Drone View (In-Game)
  • Features Memory Hack
  • Map Hack Safe
  • No Grass
  • Visible In Grass
  • Max All Emblem
  • Spam Chat
  • Unlock All Skins
  • Rank
  • Classic
  • Custom

How to Download and Install WPA Modz Apk MLBB Radar Drone, Unlock Skin, ESP:

  1. Download the mod APK radar map ml from Wpa Mod Apk which is available at the following link.
  2. In order to avoid having to download them again information. After downloading, do not install it at once. After that, go to the internal storage under the folder for internal storage => Android > OBB => com. mobile. legends
  3. Once you have found it If you find it, modify your name from com.mobile.legends to com.mobile.legends 1. (add one number to it).
  4. If you’ve followed these steps, delete that original MLB game from your mobile phone.
  5. Then, install the mod menu APK you downloaded before.
  6. Take a look at internal storage in step 2 and then change folder number 1 was added earlier. Change the folder from com.mobile.legends 1, to come. mobile.legends (just remove the number 1 that is behind it)
  7. That’s it, you can start that mobile legends app and enable the features that you wish to use.
  8. Finished.


This is how you can install the most recent WPA Modz Apk MLBB Radar Drone Unlock Skin and the ESP. If you have any questions regarding the installation, you can post a comment in the section below. Keep checking back at Freeflashtool since there will be new information about tips and tricks every day on the game of free fire!

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