Nix Injector v1.75 APK Download (Latest) For Android

Which ML Skins are you able to earn using an injector application? One hundred or two hundred? Although it’s impossible. But, some modern apps are doing it very well. But, the latest version of NIX Injector will be awe-inspiring. Do you think of the amount of MLBB-free skins that are available within the injector? In truth, it’s recently reached 400. It’s not an exaggeration, but a complete fact. Furthermore, a variety of other features is entertaining, including Drone View, countless ML effects, backgrounds, and more.

What is Nix Injector ML App?

Thus, N.i.x Injector is an amazing deal for the addicts in Mobile Legends thus far. No mod app could offer such a huge quantity of premium goods in such a short time. If you’ve tried the previous version, you’ll be happier than you were before when you receive the latest updates.

Because gamers are in love with an all-in-one application, so, N.I.X Injector ML fulfills this requirement. You don’t need to install multiple applications in order to be successful in this game.

In the epic fight of the deadly heroes, increase your stature and let them impress you with their ability and abilities. Modify your favorite ML Heroes and equip them with the most recent techniques to help you conquer the frontiers in a short time.

Do you understand the significance of using this kind of device? It actually saves you money, which games demand of you. Because NIX Injector includes the Anti-Ban feature, there are no worries about harmful effects. But, you can also make use of a Fake or Guest account to get extra security.

Major ML items that are available in NIX Injector APK:

If truth be told this is an application called Special Mod/Injector. The developer has upgraded frequently. So, the amount of products is growing steadily. It’s at its highest in the present because it has the largest amount of things ML when it first debuted. Therefore, let us take a look at its strong attributes without delay.

Unlock Skin:

The most recent version splits all costumes into two categories.

  • MLBB Skin

The category includes more than 426 MLB Skins of Assassin, Mage Marksman, Tank, Fighter, and Support. There are currently 455 official MLBB Skins on the Moonton server. You have nearly all of them at no cost.

  • Paint Skin

Costumes painted with paint are updated and painted versions of their original design. In reality, it’s a costly item. But, you can get more than one Dozen by using its NIX Injector.

Unlocking Effects:

This section is also updated and the items have been enlarged a number of times. The most notable changes are within the category of recall. For instance.

  • Unlock 40+ Recalls
  • Unlock 10+ Respawns
  • Unlock 11+ Elimination

Drone View:

In the same way, you can also use an improved Drone camera compared to the previous version. This means that you can have 7 separate types of drones, starting from one-third to seven times, and also can be used on all Maps. Furthermore, this Drone Map works 100% in Classic and Brawl Rank. Wouldn’t this be superior to your regular mod application? Yes, it is.


NIX Injector offers some valuable assets in this section. You will find all of the other material on this page. The site also has two classes, as shown below.

  • Additional Menu

Certain battle effects, as well as other effects, are enjoyable when making use of this group in a smart way. There are subgroups that follow.

  • You can unlock 29+ Emote
  • The Unlocking of 18+ Digital Analog
  • Get 10 Maps Views for free!
  • The free background view for the Loading Screen, Lobby, and Profile
  • Free Background Music
  • Free Intro

The second one is remarkable in the following manner.

  • Game Cheat

This hack is a brand-new feature in this Injector. It is totally secure. In addition, it operates in an ON/OFF mode to allow you to inject it whenever you’d like.

  • Unlock Ultra Graphics
  • Auto Mythic
  • Enemy Lag

Repair Bug

Are you having issues with lag or bugs in your game? Apply this feature on the right side of the home icon. It is available for 64Bit and 32Bit. Therefore, it’s an added advantage for you.

What’s new In NIX Injector ML?

As we’re discussing the most recent edition It is important to highlight the changes to the edition. There are the following new additions.

  • New skins for the epic Uranus and moskov epic overhaul
  • Skin-to-skin Phrsa and Hanabi
  • Anime skin such as yuzhong X kaido, martis X madara rikodou & eudora x konam
  • Custom music is careless, taken over, and DJ demon vacation. DJ into your arms and move your body with TikTok

What are the Features of the NIX Injector?

A complete and thorough description of the hacks available ends here. But, MLBB fans will also enjoy the following benefits.

  • Free injector app for MLBB.
  • Updated content and user interface.
  • Unlimited premium items are gratis.
  • It is protected by a password.
  • Dark mode.
  • Simple to use.
  • There are no ads.
  • Anti-ban.
  • A dazzling and attractive UI entices users.
  • Everything is neatly categorized and categorized.
  • The frequent updates make it a very effective tool.

How do Download, Install and Use NIX Injector?

The New edition contains some changes within it. It is recommended to study the guidelines attentively if you don’t wish to be in a position to struggle. In fact, it’s an extremely simple tool. However, you should spend some time with this Nix page section.

  1. If you are using the older version of NIX Injector, take it off first.
  2. Click the download icon located on this page to download the APK file straight away.
  3. After that, Install it, allowing unknown sources to be added to the security settings.
  4. The menu will be displayed to you. Select a category, then browse through the free items in it.
  5. You can try any cheating technique by pressing the INJECT button located in front of each item.
  6. After that, click the START GAME icon at the bottom of the main menu. The program will launch the MLBB regardless of whether you’ve installed it on your device or not.
  7. In addition, the fact that this app is only available for Android 8-10. It has top-quality features, it’s not an issue.


It is no doubt that NIX Injector APK is a masterpiece to this day. The features and attributes are up to the standard. The developer is an extremely smart and proficient person. We’ve never seen an incredible injector app to Mobile Legends Bang Bang so far.

The people who are using it, understand the value. If you’re reading about this for the very first time you’re in luck. It has taken on a beautiful shape, you can enjoy it more.

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