MrVsxRx Mod Free Fire APK v5 Download (2023) For Android

Are you one of the players who is chasing the moon to win the thrilling match that is Garena Free Fire? If so, then you’re not the only one on the game. Almost everyone has a goal to win the contest. What you have to do is download the MrVsxRx Mod Menu and let your dreams become reality.

Garena Free Fire is the most important Battle Royale game of the modern age. 50 players fight simultaneously on the field. The winner is the one who there is only one survivor on the entire island. In a frantic 10 minutes game, the challenges are difficult and require lots of practice and patience.

Some people are not ready to take their time. They want instant success without feeling pressured. A player can raise his game and easily win in two ways, either by investing money in them or employing different techniques to play the game. We will introduce you to one of the most effective mod menus, the MrVsxRX Mod Menu which will enhance your game by giving players the player an advantage that is unfair over other players.

What is an MrVsxRx Mod APK?

The app was created by MrVsxRx. The Android can unlock a variety of high-quality items with no money. Through this application, players can increase their scores without effort. Most players employed various techniques to get past blood-sucking opponents. But the mod’s Menu will blow the minds of players thanks to its incredible features.

Is It safe to use this tool?

Not really, as these kinds of apps could alter the game and provide unjust advantages to other gamers. The gaming officials from Garena Free Fire stated on their website official that they follow a zero-tolerance policy toward these players.

If they suspect anyone of using such apps, they will stop players from playing indefinitely or for a period of time. Apart from blocking, the time-spent in-game progress of the player will be erased.

Features of MrVsxRx:

The game covers virtually all the features players require to be in the end. It’s nearly impossible to provide the details of every feature on a single piece of paper. However, we have highlighted the most important aspects of the tool below.

Aimbot. By using the aimbot players are able to take a precise shot at their adversaries. This section explains how these features can further enhance the shooting abilities of the player.

  • Aim Fov 360,
  • Aimbot Por Tiro
  • Aim Suave 60.
  • Aimbot Por Mira,
  • Aimbot Agachado

ESP Tricks

With ESP techniques players can take an attempt despite walls or terrain.

ESP Line

When using Esp lines in the game, you can quickly identify enemies because lines connect players to the enemy.

Name of the ESP

The player will be aware of his enemy’s name, as well as other pertinent details.

Distance ESP

This feature tells the player where the opponent is.

Other ESP Tips

Random color, Fire, Box, info, etc.


Ghosts are the most fun feature since the enemy will never be aware of the player, and the player is able to eliminate enemies with no anxiety.

Fast Reload

The rifles and guns will load quicker than they were before, which will help save time.


The tool can handle the latest updates to the game.


Other options include.

  • Teleport.
  • Remove the scope.
  • Telekill.
  • Medkit run.


The most similar apps to users of Free Fire, according to this app, such as Mod Gamer B2B and VIP Sawom Injector. The tools are not without the positive aspects, but there are some disadvantages that you should mention. Take a look at the comparison below for both good and bad things that can occur to you following the use of this app.


Mod menus for MrVsxRx will enhance the gaming experience overall and allow players to access expensive items for no cost. Therefore, instead of thinking too much, take advantage of the chance and download the program.

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