GB Instagram Mod APK v6.31 Download (Latest) For Android

GB Instagram APK is a popular application for connecting people around the world is Instagram. There are billions who use Instagram to share pictures and stories, as well as videos of their followers. With billions of users, there’s no doubt the fact that Instagram is among the top popular social network. It’s the second most well-known social media in the world, following Facebook. The reason for this popularity is that Instagram provides opportunities to communicate information, business, and knowledge to a variety of celebrities entrepreneurs, and ordinary people.

In the above image of the benefits of Instagram, The biggest drawback of the app is that you can’t download shared images and videos. You can also zoom in to view profile pictures, show your messages, and many more options that aren’t available. GB Instagram APK is continuously increasing in popularity day-to-day because it comes with a variety of features more extensive than Instagram. It gives you access to downloading features via the original website. This is the modified application of Instagram and anyone can install this application from Google on their Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

What is GB Instagram Apk?

With the release of GB Insta, we got to learn that it is an altered version of the original Instagram application with lots of features. When modifying the app the developers have performed reverse engineering and extracted the code of the source file, and then altered them to make use of new features. There is no additional cost to download or use the GB Instagram APK application. It can be used as the official Instagram application.

It gives users a brand new experience using Instagram. It’s a fantastic application that comes with additional features like downloading media, hiding your identity, also hide your keyboard status, or even starting your messages and zooming in on your photo of your profile and other types of amazing components. With the addition of these various features, a GB Instagram became much more thrilling. The latest version is available for access for all devices. The Android app allows saving videos as well as photos with high-resolution quality.

What are the Features of GB Instagram APK?

The most advanced version of Instagram is available as GB Insta Apk for your smartphone. Here are the specific capabilities of the app.

Simple download of shared memories.

The most interesting aspect that is unique to GB Instagram is, that we can download shared pictures or videos, as well as stories. In the first Instagram application, the greatest feature that was not made available was that no one could download shared media. And that includes their stories. Therefore, GB Insta is giving us this awesome feature.

No ads

The GB Instagram provides features such as no ads in between feeds. While browsing on Instagram we all have to deal with the issue of constantly displaying advertisements. This can lead to lower satisfaction when surfing. The version that has been modified on Instagram is time-saving.

Dark mode

Additionally, it comes with a dark mode feature. We all enjoy the feature of a dark mode on WhatsApp however this feature isn’t available on Instagram at the moment. This new feature will surely be appreciated by all of you.

You can hide your online identity

It’s possible to hide the stories you view, which means that your name won’t be on any other story until you’ve seen it. This new feature will not make anyone visible to their followers.

Zoom into any profile photo

You can zoom profile pictures. It gives you greater clarity to photos as well as allows you to get to know who someone is instantly without accessing their profile.

Copier and past bios

It is possible to copy-paste any of their captions and remarks. Sometimes, we enjoy a caption, bio, or any other comment, but we can’t copy it from it and then just type the words. The company Instagram lets you escape this tedious feature by letting you post posts without typing.

Two Instagram accounts on the same account

It also allows the use of two Instagram accounts to be used on the same phone. The previous app did not permit users to have a single account for private and business requirements. It is possible to use business and private accounts in one application.

Automated translator

It is equipped with an auto translator that can translate into a multitude of languages. Today, Instagram has grown into the most popular social media in the world, and users post on it in their native languages as well. In order to understand the content in different languages, this auto translator converts all words into English and we don’t miss any information due to language difficulties.

Many themes

There are many themes to choose from. Everyone likes the theme, however, the official Instagram application has only some themes to choose from. Modified versions give you a variety of themes that you can use to have conversations using your favorite theme.

No ban on the issue

According to what you read in the description for the Instagram application, you’re probably worried about your account’s security but you needn’t be concerned since Instagram authorities will not stop your account. It is a type of legitimate or, you could call an authentic version.

You do not have to root your device.

The majority of the time, third-party apps can root your phone because they require a root procedure. However, the modified version operates well without rooting the phone.

Customize font

While this application does not just give you a variety of themes, it also provides various font styles to select from. You can pick your preferred font from this customizable font feature.

Star your message

Starring messages are accessible in a handful of applications. Once we have starred or marked the message, we can’t forget about the message and then use it later. This feature is only available on GB’s Instagram. This feature allows us to mark messages in keeping track of our posts. like to check Mallu auto followers for Instagram.

How to Download & Install GB Instagram APK?

  1. Go go to the Settings menu > Security > and turn on the installation of unknown sources.
  2. Download the Gb Instagram mod App from the link above.
  3. Then, click on the GB Insta Apk File and install the app on the device you are using. (Click on “Allow from this source when you are you’re asked)
  4. Open the GB Insta App
  5. Log in using your Username and Password
  6. Log into your profile > the top-right menu > Settings for Instander and Change settings according to your preference.
  7. Enjoy


Is GB Instagram APK secure?

This app is not 100% secure. The developers of this application used genuine authentic app codes to access more advanced features. However, you are able to utilize this app. It’s just like an official app, but with modern capabilities.

Do you know the resolution of downloaded photos and videos?

The videos and images downloaded will be of high resolution.

What is the exact version of GB Instagram Apk?

“GB” in GB in Instagram is a reference to ‘gigabyte’. GB WhatsApp, GB Facebook, etc. are other apps that have GB in their names.

Where can we download GB on Instagram Apk?

The GB Insta Mod App is not an official app, and it isn’t available on the Google Play Store so anyone is able to download the app using several links that are available on

How can I install this app? GB Instagram app?

This app can be installed similarly to other apps. Because it’s not accessible on Google Play Store you can download it using sources. Click the download link for the most recent version of Instagram. Instagram and then install it just like any other application.

Can I access this app via Facebook?

Yes, you are able to use this app on Facebook too, just utilize it as the official Instagram. Log in using your Facebook account, just like you do on the official Instagram.

Can someone use both the official and GB versions of Instagram on the same device?

Yes, you can. Two different apps.


We’ve discussed the most efficient and innovative features of the GB Instagram Apk. There are many additional features available in the app and can access more social media. With this simple application, you can have fun and exciting features to enjoy for free. You can personalize your Instagram to whatever you’d like with customizations in a theme, font light, dark modes, etc. Instagram is among the most popular apps that can fulfill your wishes in a more effective application. 

The more advantages apps provide the greater the chance that they’ll increase. This is because of its beneficial features. Our website provides the latest free application and games for Android users. Download it now to benefit from many more functions than Instagram. If you have any problems during the downloading and installation of this app on your Android phone device, then you can tell us in the comment section.

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