Android Multi Tools 2023 Unlock FacLock Pattern Lock Free

Android Multi Tools Pattern Lock Remover is the best software to unlock any Android Mobile Pattern lock using Windows PC. This comes in handy if you forgot your android device pattern lock and you want to remove your Android phone pattern lock. We provide useful tools for all android phones.

If you want to forget your android phone then Android multi-tools software is the best one when it comes to unlocking the pattern lock of android devices. Most Android user has reset their android, without Resetting their android phone another solution is that which is Android Tools Which can easily forget all android phone unlock like pattern, password, Facelock, etc.

What is Android Multi Tool?

This is a Multi-Purpose Tool, which is used to remove forgotten Pattern Lock easily on your Android device, It is not only unlocking Pattern Lock. Android Multi-Tools is also provided as the best Flashing tool for many branded android phones. It is a free and simple tool for android phones, It supported various android phones like Sony, LG, Asus, Samsung, Lenovo, and Motorola.

This Android Multi Tools v1.02b provides many new features for android tool users which are the following.

Key Features:

  • This tool allows you to remove the pattern/pin of any Android device.
  • Using this tool can wipe out all the data stored on any Android device.
  • It also allows you to enter the Fastboot mode with just a single click.
  • Quickly Reset your Android device.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your Android phone stock firmware.
  • It helps you to flash your Android within a single click.
  • It can display your android device’s model information.
  • This tool also allows checking your device status.
  • Reset the password of your Gmail account on your device.
  • The Android Multi Tools are available for free download and install

Android phone Tool Requirements:

  1. It Requires Windows PC/Laptop  – Windows XP/2007/8/10 with 32,64 Bit.
  2. It always works with the internet as it will download required files as well
  3. You Need your Android device battery to be 50 % to run this tool.
  4. Use the USB Driver that came with your smartphone.

Android Multi Tools Pattern Lock Remover Free Download:

Now we are sharing the best android phone tool for free with an updated version. You can download it by following the above requirements. So after that, you can easily AndroidMultiTools Pattern Lock Remover Download from the below link section.

How To Remove Pattern Lock With Android Multi Tool?

  • Enable Developer Options and USB debugging. on your device
  • Now, connect your phone device to your windows pc with a USB cable
  • You can Download and Install the Android Tools v1.02b on your windows pc.
  • You can run the .exe file as an admin
  • Now you give the tool all required permissions and follow desktop-screen instruction
  • Once the tool is installed, open it, and perform any available task with it.
  • It can do very easily and do your task.

I hope that you have liked this Complete Guide of this tool on How to Remove Pattern Lock Using Android Multi Tools for Windows PC, So you can download it from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. How can I download multiple tools on Android?

After you turn on Developer mode and Debugging on your phone, Multi-Tools can be downloaded and installed on Android. It can be used to erase data, reset PINs, and perform many other tasks.

2. Is Android Multi Tools safe?

Yes, you can use the Multi Android tool on your smartphone to reset your PIN, erase data and get information about the device’s hardware. You will lose your warranty if you use third-party applications.

3. Is Android MultiTool free?

Android Multi Tool is completely free. The software can be used to recover your Gmail ID for Android, change passwords, face locks, and other functions.

Final Words:

You will need to install drivers for Android Multi Tools on the computer if you don’t want to connect your Android device to multiple software tools. If any problem during the downloading install the Android Tool then you can connect us through a comments box.

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